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Stone Oilfield Service offers a wide variety of oilfield services to meet your daily needs. Some of the heavy-duty trucks, machinery, and equipment we provide include the following: hot oiler units, vacuum trucks, kill trucks, winch trucks, frac tanks, pipe racks, environmental shields, matting boards, gas busters, and more. We encourage you to contact us today to find out more. If what you are looking for is not included in the list above, don't hesitate to let us know what you need.

Below you will find the trucks and tanks we provide. If you are looking for a more in depth description of our services, please read through our services page to learn more about our fantastic products.  Interested in learning more? Give us a call today!

Kill Trucks

Kill trucks provide well control, load and test pumps, tubing and circulating fluids, and as their name would suggest, they kill pressure from your well location. 

Vacuum Trucks Big Spring, TX

Vacuum Trucks
Vacuum trucks haul fresh brine and produced water. They also fill up frac tanks and pick up ground spills.

Vacuum Truck

Winch Trucks
Winch trucks are used to haul frac tanks to locations.

Winch Truck

Hot Oiler Units
Hot oilers provide scheduled well maintenance, treat oil, and steam tubing and test pumps.

Hot Oiler Truck

Hydro Excavators
Hydro excavators are used for safe digging with high-pressure water and vacuum.

Hydro Excavators Big Spring, TX

Pipe Racks
Pipe racks support the drill pipe, drill collars, or casing above the ground.
Frac Tanks
Frac tanks are used to hold water or a proppant, while a well is being fractured.
Matting Boards
Matting boards allow easy road access for your machinery in any terrain.

Environmental Shielding
Environmental shielding protects the surrounding environment during the entire oil and gas extraction process.
Gas Busters
Gas busters are used to remove any free or entrained gas from the fluids that are circulating in the wellbore.

Serving Lovington, NM & Big Spring, TX 

Environmental Shielding Big Spring, TX
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